What is a Professional Coach?

A professional, certified coach is someone who has been trained, assessed, coached and credentialed for coaching individuals and organizations for greater potential and performance.  I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation, which is an international credentialing and resource organization for professional coaches around the world.  With these credentials, I met the standards of training, being mentor coached, passing an assessment and regular accountability with this association.  I also must uphold an ICF Code of Ethics as a member of this association.

Coaches are not counselors who focus solely on growth areas which need to be addressed. Coaches are also not consultants who offer expertise or advice as an expert.  Coaches walk alongside with us, ask powerful questions, listen deeply, and help us maximize our strengths for greater potential and performance.  I work with individuals as a life or professional coach.  I also work with nonprofit organizations and congregations.  In that wonderful work, you set the agenda and discover your own truths.  I’m here to help you with it!

Coaching has so many benefits!   You can click here for many FAQ’s about starting up a coaching relationship.  Typically, individual coaching is 30-45 minutes twice a month.  Group coaching is determined and designed around objectives and outcomes.  I can tell you more about pricing and contracts after a consultation and free session to experience coaching.  It’s all about the relationship and the resources.  Let’s start first with hearing from you!


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