For Seasons

I’m a cellist.  I am drawn to the experience of making music with an orchestra who depends on the talents and investments of each musician to create a moving symphony.  I love the labor that goes into rehearsals and the necessary fine tuning of instruments and the individual sections for the very best performance.  I watch the talent of the conductor, keeping time and motivating the orchestra to its very best potential.  I delight in providing the bass line of a melody or harmony, as though providing a foundation on which the rest of the music dances and moves.

One of my favorite orchestral pieces is Antonio Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.  Though written in 1720, it is by far his most famous composition and has been used widely throughout history as the backdrop of films, contemporary music and other art forms.  The familiar melodies resonate with the four seasons of creation which root us in the familiar and anticipated seasons of own lives.

This blog and website is intended to be a place where I share my own seasons of life and leadership with the bass foundation of Christian theology and our mutual call to be stewards of one another and of creation.  It is also a place where I can offer my services for coaching and leadership education out of those experiences and formal education in organizations, coaching and individual growth.  Join me on the journey for the seasons of your life and leadership!  The harmonies we share will be a pleasing offering to God and a new song for others to hear!